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7154 (Lisa DeAbreu)  is an American born Artist. Her mother is from Jamaica and her Father is from Aruba. She recently completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts and an Art History and Education Minor at the University at Buffalo. She is currently living in Elmont, New York. Lisa is driven by her love of creating and passion for activism for inequality and social justice issues . With her work she wants to remind her audience of what is going on today.


"This is my record of what has happened and what will continue to happen if we do not speak on issues that stem from the complex origins of our past. Confronting history, the art, and ourselves. Placing ourselves in the art is a construct that forces you to look beyond the surface of the gaze and pay attention to the possibility of what can occur.


There is a great possibility for us as human beings to move forward and insight change. We must create in order to continue our questioning, to draw more informed conclusions and lament our legacy. Though these conversations make us uncomfortable and are draining,  but we need to have them in hopes to make things better for our future." 

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